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The COSHH Regulations (2002) are designed to protect people against risks to their health when dealing with or being exposed to hazardous substances. This CPD accredited COSHH course is ideal for induction or refresher training to the new regulations. Attendees of this COSHH training course will gain under-pinning knowledge of the below issues and therefore will be able to implement this in their specific work area.

At the end of the course you will be able to take a knowledge test, print certificates and maintain your CPD portfolio.

Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Certification Service.

Who is it for?

This CPD COSHH training course is designed for candidates who handle chemicals as part of their daily work.


Learn how about:
• Regulations that control the use of hazardous substances
• Substances hazardous to health
• Potential effects
• Risk assessment control measures
• CHIPS Regulations
• Procedures for using hazardous substances
• Bleeding
• Common workplace injuries


2 – 4 hours (online)

Tailored Training

This course is also available as a 1/2 day seminar. We will also look to tailor or develop training to suit individual business needs. For full information, a FREE consultation and FREE demo, please contact us.

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• Introduction
• Why was COSHH introduced?
• Aim of the course

Basics of COSHH

• What is COSHH?
• What is a hazardous or non-hazardous substance?
• Who is at risk from harmful substances?
• How can hazardous substances get into the body?
• What are the effects of hazardous substances on our body?

COSHH in Practice

• Using chemicals
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Storage
• Cleaning and Housekeeping
• Checklist

Compliance with COSHH

• Systematically identify all work involving hazardous substances
• Assess the risk from work involving hazardous substances
• Devise suitable means to prevent or control the risk
• Provide information, instruction and training to workers exposed to the risk
• Monitor the effectiveness of the controls employees accept
• Case studies


Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Certification Service.

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