Disability Awareness


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Disability Awareness

This CPD accredited course is a great source of information and advice for organisations and businesses, to ensure that services, policies and procedures comply with equality legislation and to open up their services to a wider range of users.

Through studying this course you will learn why equality and diversity matters, and how to manage your values, opinions and prejudices.

At the end of the course you will be able to take a knowledge test, print certificates and maintain your CPD portfolio.

Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Accreditation Group.

Who is it for?

A CPD accredited course for those who need to learn how to promote equal opportunities for all.


Learn how to respond to:
• Understand your rights and responsibilities in regards to disability under the Equality Act 2010
• Understand different approaches to disability and how this can affect the service you provide
• Understand how you can make your organisation inclusive and accessible to all
• Use appropriate language when interacting with disabled people
• Gain the confidence to interact with disabled people in all aspects of your organisation


2 – 4 hours (online)

Tailored Training

This course is also available as a 1/2 day seminar. We will also look to tailor or develop training to suit individual business needs. For full information, a FREE consultation and FREE demo, please contact us.

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Facts and Legislation

• Some Disability facts
• Legislation


• Media influence
• The beginning of segregation
• Towards inclusion?


• Terminology
• Common Courtesies

Categorising disability

• Defining disability
• Defining disability – The social model
• The social model
• Definitions
• Defining disability – the medical model
• Impairment or disability?

Person centred support

• Promoting person centred values

What do you know?

• Disabled or not?

Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Certification Service.

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