Food Safety


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Food Safety

This CPD accredited course provides candidates with a fundamental knowledge of food hygiene and to enable them to apply this knowledge to essential practical skills in order to prevent food poisoning.

At the end of the course you will be able to take a knowledge test, print certificates and maintain your CPD portfolio.

Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Accreditation Group.

Who is it for?

A half-day course that allows companies to keep employees aware of all the key information regarding first aid in the workplace. On completion candidates will have a clear understanding of food safety in the context of their workplace.


• Introduction to Food Safety
• Hazards associated with Food Safety
• Food poisoning and contamination
• Temperatures
• Personal Hygiene
• Allergies and Intolerances
• Premises, Equipment and Pest Control
• Cleaning and Disinfecting
• Legislation and requirements


2 – 4 hours (online)

Tailored Training

This course is also available as a 1/2 day seminar. We will also look to tailor or develop training to suit individual business needs. For full information, a FREE consultation and FREE demo, please contact us.

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Introduction to Food Safety

• The team
• Poor food hygiene
• Common food hazards
• Possible hazards
• Biological contamination

Personal hygiene

• Lack of hygiene around food
• Washing your hands
• How to wash your hands
• Skin infections
• Jewellery, nails and perfume
• Protective clothing and equipment


• Washing facilities for food and equipment
• Cleaning agents
• Types of cleaning cloth
• Pest infestation
• Cleaning
• Food safety coaching


• Types of food contamination
• Avoiding contamination
• E. Coli guidelines
• Time and temperature – cooking
• Time and temperature – storage
• Instructions and reporting
• Cross contamination

Course Summary

• Further resources

Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Certification Service.

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