Health and Safety


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Health and Safety

Under Health and Safety Legislation, employers are required to provide appropriate health and Safety training for themselves and/or their employees.

This CPD accredited course will ensure that you and your employees comply with legislation and raise awareness of the need to provide a healthy, safe working environment ensuring the welfare of everyone. At the end of the course you will be able to take a knowledge test, print certificates and maintain your CPD portfolio.

Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Accreditation Group.

Who is it for?

A half-day course for those who need to learn information on health and safety.

Through studying this course, you will learn how to work safely within a business environment.


• What Health and Safety is
• Health and Safety related accidents and ill-health
• Health and Safety in the workplace
• Legal responsibilities and requirements
• Policies and Procedures
• Workplace hazards
• RIDDOR (including April 2012 update)
• Accident Reporting and Record Keeping


2 – 4 hours (online)

Tailored Training

This course is also available as a 1/2 day seminar. We will also look to tailor or develop training to suit individual business needs. For full information, a FREE consultation and FREE demo, please contact us.

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Introduction and overview

• Why is health and safety legislation needed at work?
• Common risks to health and safety in the workplace
• Terminology

Health and Safety: Law and Policy

• Legal requirements for employers

Using a workstation

• Your work station
• Good posture
• Comfort and safety

Accidents in the workplace

• Potential accidents
• Accident reporting
• Risk assessments
• First aid
• Manual handling

Fire safety

• Problems
• Spotting problems
• Responsibilities
• Escaping a fire

Your working environment

• Common hazards
• Spotting problems
• Your working environment

Stress in the work place

• Causes of stress
• Recognising stress
• Signs of stress
• Whom to approach for help

Lone working

• Employer responsibilities
• Extra control measures
• Your responsibilities
• Tips and precautions


• Further information

Build your CPD portfolio

Accreditation is provided by the CPD Certification Service.

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