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Enliven’s Training Vouchers

Serious savings on your training costs

If you have regular, ongoing requirements for training, our Training Vouchers scheme enables you to purchase training places in advance at significant discounts for:

  • Individual people to attend Public classes
  • Groups of people who need training offsite
  • Groups of people who need training at your premises

This gives you three substantial benefits:

  1. Much lower costs
  2. Reduced administration
  3. Control of your schedules

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Microsoft Office, accounts, job skills, soft skills and much, much more.

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Discounts range from 20% up to over 50%, depending on how many you buy.

But the scheme starts at just five days, so you don’t need to be a large volume customer to take advantage.

For example, five bookings on introduction level Microsoft Office courses will cost just £579, which works out at £115.83 each – that’s 20% off the normal price of £139.

And what serious business doesn’t need five days of training in a year?

We also have schemes for Private courses (closed courses at our centres) and onsite training (at your offices).

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Upon use of all TV codes, another block of Training Vouchers can be purchased, valid for a further period of twelve months.

However, if you use all your Training Vouchers within nine months, further blocks of five days can be purchased at your original price per day (so if you had originally purchased thirty days, an extra block of five days would be charged at the lower — thirty day — rate) and these “reduced price” days will be valid until the end of the original twelve month period.


Training Vouchers can be used for any appropriate training requirements, up to twelve months after the date of the original allocation.

Please note that although the more days you book, the more you save, Training Vouchers must be paid for in advance, and no refunds are payable against days not used at the end of twelve months, so please do not over-commit to the scheme.

The scheme is available to companies with regular training requirements: just call us on 0118 9587 763 or contact us and we will call you to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for a free Training Needs Analysis consultation.